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Hils Everitt talks to TDI-Tuning about their tuning boxes, and how they suit 4×4 vehicles.


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Tuning Japanese: TDI-Tuning first to tune Mazda 2



Tuning Japanese: TDI-Tuning first to tune Mazda 2


TDI-Tuning, the European engine-tuning experts, at the forefront again by bringing a tuning box solution to Japan for the new Mazda 2


British TDI-Tuning applies its engineering know-how and ability to Japan, by being the first to offer tuning options on the latest Mazda model, the Mazda 2.

TDI-Tuning, already popular among the Japanese tuning community, has become the manufacturer of choice even in that highly sophisticated market. TDI-Tuning supplies and supports tuning equipment to its own main dealer, M-Flow (based in Osaka), in addition to an impressive network of sub-dealers.

The new Mazda 2 1.5 Skyactiv-D, which is the Japanese manufacturer’s latest city car, proved a worthy challenge for the engineers at the British tuning company: small diesel cars are already very economical and compete in a segment which is dominated by petrol engines.

TDI-Tuning developed a solution using one of their twin channel tuning boxes for the new 1.5 diesel engine, giving it some extra ‘pep’ whilst retaining its excellent fuel economy and emissions.

TDI-Tuning increased the engine’s power from 103 to 137 BHP; torque is increased by 250 to 315 NM, resulting in a credible change in its driving behavior. The added torque makes for easier movement in traffic, safer filtering and altogether less stress.

M-Flow in Japan reports a 500% increase in sales 2014-2015 and TDI-Tuning closed 2015 with a healthy 20% YoY growth.

Key points:

  • TDI-Tuning box’s simple installation typically takes less than 15 minutes and requires no specialist skills
  • TDI-Tuning boxes start at just under £250
  • TDI-Tuning Boxes are fully compatible with Diesel Particulate Filters and emission reduction systems
  • Their CRTD2 tuning box can be sent back and re-programmed for almost any common rail TDI engine (for less than a third of the original purchase price)
  • TDi-Tuning has a dedicated in-house team of programmers and tuning experts
  • The water-resistant TDI-Tuning Box leaves no trace when removed
  • All TDI-Tuning Boxes come with a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Every Tuning Box is backed up by dedicated technical support      

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TDI-Tuning: BMW’s growth in performance

Tuning firm mirrors German manufacturer giant’s growth with demand for performance
Tuning boxes enhance enjoyment across the range, not just of BMW’s luxury SUVs


British tuning designer and engineering firm TDI-Tuning has seen a marked increase in the number of BMW performance models being fitted with the company’s state-of-the-art tuning boxes. Since the beginning of the year, demand from BMW owners has in fact risen by 10%.

This echoes a buoyant first-quarter results from the German manufacturer, which reports a growth of more than 20% in its underlying earnings.

Sales of luxury cars, SUVs and motorbikes is at an all-time high in the UK, even though companies are expecting growth to slow in emerging markets such as Russia and China. Luxury and performance vehicles, however, can always be improved, according to TDI-Tuning principal Graeme King.

“BMW’s M version of its X6 is the most blisteringly quick SUV on the market, at the moment,” says Graeme. “It hits 62mph in 4.2 seconds, just like a sportscar. However, for most BMW owners, the performance of their vehicles can always be improved, either in terms of straightforward extra power, or fuel consumption, or both. TDI-Tuning definitely addresses both areas, as proved by the fact that 23% of our tuning box sales are fitted to high-end BMW vehicles.”

A 2015 BMW M5 4.4 V8 fitted with a Multi Channel Petrol Tuning Box has its power increased from 552bhp to 618bhp and torque up from 680Nm to 762 Nm.

TDI Tuning maintains a 100% positive feedback score through independent review service Feefo.

Some key points:

  • TDI-Tuning designs and develops its own tuning boxes, which are then manufactured in Germany.
  • The boxes are easy to plug in and/or remove, require no special skills or specialist input, and can be fitted by the end user in less than 30 minutes  
  • The vehicle will revert to standard when the box is removed – leaving no trace
  • The tuning equipment can be sent back to TDI-Tuning to be re-programmed for over 4,000 different models
  • TDI-Tuning boxes start at just under £300.

TDI-Tuning: more power to UK tuning box designers

16 January 2015


TDI-Tuning: more power to UK tuning box design, development and exports

  • strong year-on-year performance
  • product design and development by UK specialist team
  • diesel tuning box is plug-in, easy to fit, easy to remove
  • focus on mainstream diesel cars, vans, motorhomes and agricultural vehicles

Essex-based TDI-Tuning closes 2014 with a 37% growth year-on-year and more demand than ever for its long-established diesel tuning boxes and other services.

The company’s plans for 2015 include further product development for diesel road cars, and a continued focus as a brand name for design and manufacturing of tuning boxes specific to agricultural vehicles and motorhomes.

The company’s growth is made more poignant by the deployment of its four-man technical team: led by ex-Ford Technical Director Steve Legon, the division is one of the largest for a UK-based tuning box company, giving a very strong product line-up and very quick response to any development opportunities.

Unlike the common hard-core strand of diesel tuners who search for ‘headline grabbing’ bhp figures, squeezing everything possible out of the engines, even to the detriment of longevity, reliability and consumption, TDI-Tuning’s products maximise performance (power and torque) and drivability without compromising the engine, whilst at the same time reducing consumption by up to 20%.

TDI-Tuning boxes do not require the engine’s ECU to be re-mapped: they are plug-in devices with no need for technical knowledge or special tools by the consumer, are easy to fit, are removed with no trace of their presence, and the vehicle does not have to spend hours in a garage.

TDI-Tuning’s modern facilities and state-of-the-art technology make the company one of the very few UK businesses to preside over the entire process: from product design and development to manufacturing (which takes place in Germany, to exacting standards) and final assembly, fitting and testing back in the UK. “We are one of only a few companies offering twin channel tuning boxes, and the only one to use an independent review service to rate our products,” says principal Graeme King.

With export activities becoming more and more pivotal to the UK manufacturing and economy’s growth, TDI-Tuning’s trading with Europe and other foreign markets, like tuning-savvy Japan, is particularly important. “Japan is both an exciting and challenging market for us,” continues Graeme, “because it is a sophisticated arena which appreciates our products; with strong home competition there, it is hugely satisfying to see TDI-Tuning’s market penetration in Japan gain momentum.”

Ambitious, but well-grounded plans of expansion for TDI-Tuning also include further growth of its dealer network (already +120% in 2014 vs 2013).