The Bengala F12 Caballería: for when a simple F12 is not exclusive enough

  • Bengala Privilege Program from the Spanish design house Bengala
  • First offering: the F12 Caballería, of which only ten made worldwide
  • 100% carbon fibre


October 2016, Madrid, Spain – European design house Bengala Automotive introduces its brand new Privilege Program with the launch of the F12 Caballería, a bespoke carbon fibre creation based on the Ferrari F12 but sporting more aggressive lines inspired by Ferrari’s own GT3 cars.

The project inaugurates the Bengala Privilege Program with ten specially-made Caballerías: their lucky owners are automatically entered into the exclusive club, joining like-minded people sharing the same passion for individuality.


Bengala CEO and Founder Shoghi Saeidnia says: “in most cases, uniqueness is a state of mind; we bring to our customers an interpretation of their desires, based on their dreams. Put it simply, we mastered and created a unique piece of design and engineering, the Bengala F12 Caballería, and ten special individuals earned it.”


All F12 Caballería production will be completed by summer 2017.


The Privilege Program gives instant access to Bengala’s future limited edition projects, along with events and private viewings, with a first choice option to its members before new designs are released onto the market.


Projects are limited to 5-10 units each, and only one a year is planned.



Useful links:



Instagram     @bengalaautodesign



Bengala Automotive Design SL
Villaviciosa de Odon, 28670 Madrid, Spain



Bengala Automotive Design SL. is a privately owned company based in Madrid, Spain, dedicated to the design and customisation of high-end luxury vehicles.

Its engineering and manufacturing processes focus on two main geographical areas, the US and Europe, and Bengala works in close partnership with highly-qualified teams of professionals around the world.

Apollo Tyres goes the distance with Manchester United

The tyre major is now a ‘Global Tyre Partner’ for Man Utd

After a successful completion of 3-years of regional association with Manchester United Football Club, which helped Apollo Tyres increase its brand visibility across geographies, the two organisations today announced a global sponsorship agreement for the next 3 years. Apollo Tyres would now be the official ‘Global Tyre Partner’ for the world’s leading football club.

The three years of regional association started with India and the United Kingdom in August 2013, was later extended to more than 100 countries. During the period, the association has been effective in raising the awareness of the Apollo brand across key markets including India, Middle East, South East Asia and Africa. Multiple interventions around the key pillars of the business including advertising and consumer engagement, sales and CSR, has propelled the brand story of Apollo Tyres across multiple communication platforms.

CSR initiatives like creation of two ‘Go The Distance’ football pitches — made of recycled rubber — in India and the United Kingdom, and a week-long football camp held in India in conjunction with Manchester United Soccer Schools
Consumer Engagement Digital campaigns such as ‘Apollo Challenges’ and ‘No Shortcuts’
Customer loyalty programs crafted around the association helped Apollo Tyres in expanding its dealer network
Product customisation – launch of the special edition Apollo and Manchester United dual branded tyres in India, the Middle East, South East Asia and the United Kingdom
Multi-channel advertising campaign, ‘There are no shortcuts’
Commenting on the extension of the partnership to a global one, Marco Paracciani, Chief Marketing Officer, Apollo Tyres Ltd said, “The three-year association with Manchester United has supported our business expansion plans especially in India, Middle East, South East Asia and Africa. Our various campaigns have helped in connecting with the young people, increasing awareness of the brand Apollo and customer acquisitions in these regions. We believe that the global partnership will further help us position our brand and the products in the minds of the consumers across geographies, in addition to being visible to the 659 million fans of the club.”

Manchester United’s Group Managing Director, Richard Arnold comments: “Over the past three years, we’ve been impressed with how Apollo has taken opportunities after they entered into partnership with us. They’ve also been able to see first-hand what can be achieved when working with us. That has included greater exposure of Apollo’s brand. “The range of consumers Apollo has been able to engage with has also increased as it has taken this partnership to more countries, and I’m delighted to say that today this journey has reached its natural conclusion with Apollo joining our family of global partners. We’re proud to have 659 million followers worldwide and look forward to working with Apollo Tyres to help further engage with our fan base.”



About Manchester United

Manchester United is one of the most popular and successful sports teams in the world, playing one of the most popular spectator sports on Earth. Through our 135-year heritage we have won 62 trophies, enabling us to develop the world’s leading sports brand and a global community of 659 million followers.

Our large, passionate community provides Manchester United with a worldwide platform to generate significant revenue from multiple sources, including sponsorship, merchandising, product licensing, new media and mobile, broadcasting and match day.

About Apollo Tyres Ltd

Apollo Tyres Ltd is an international tyre manufacturer and the leading tyre brand in India. The company has manufacturing units in India and The Netherlands. It is setting up a new manufacturing facility in Hungary, with a planned investment of €475 million. The company markets its products under its two global brands – Apollo and Vredestein, and its products are available in over 100 countries through a vast network of branded, exclusive and multi-product outlets.

Apollo Tyres Ltd., 7 Institutional Area, Sector 32, Gurgaon 122001, India, T: +91 124 2721000

Vitesse AuDessus launches carbon fibre package for Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 Superveloce

Bethesda, MD, 9 June 2016 – Vitesse AuDessus (, purveyors of bespoke carbon fibre products for the world’s most exciting and exclusive automobiles, has just announced the launch of an extensive carbon fibre package for the Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 Superveloce Coupé and Roadster.

The offering is comprehensive and includes every external body panel for both the coupé and roadster variants ( Parts can be purchased individually or in packages.

The Essentials Package includes the lower front bumper, side skirts, mirrors and rear diffuser while the Extended Package also includes the bonnet. The parts come in the factory twill weave with a glossy or matte finish. Each part is fabricated using the highest quality pre-preg carbon fibre fabric that is autoclave-cured in CNC-milled aluminium moulds. After hours of hand-finishing, each part is meticulously inspected to ensure quality that meets or exceeds the factory fit and finish.

“There is no doubt that the Superveloce is an absolutely stunning supercar. One of the car’s few aesthetic failings lies in the use of highly-visible plastic bodywork. Several SV owners approached us seeking a carbon fibre option for these parts, namely the lower front bumper, side skirts, rear diffuser and mirrors. Our offering completes the visual story,” says CEO Stefany Sanchez.

Offered separately or bundled as a package are Vitesse AuDessus’s lightweight carbon fibre wheels. Available styles include a Veneno-inspired seven spoke, the Superveloce’s OEM-style wheel and several in-house, center lock designs. Each wheel design is tested to meet or exceed manufacturer standards and includes a proprietary coating to protect against the high heat generated by the carbon ceramic rotors.

“Our wheels are the lightest and strongest wheels available on the market today. By shedding more than 25kg (50lbs) of unsprung weight, our wheels markedly improve acceleration, handling and fuel economy. The Superveloce is already an exciting, exclusive, and sexy automobile. Our wheels make it that much more,” says Sanchez.

True to the brand’s bespoke commitment, every removable body panel for the Aventador Superveloce is available in bare carbon replacements in the weave, tint and finish specified by the client. For those parts attached to the monocoque, the brand offers lightweight veneers.

The parts come with a five-year warranty against defect or yellowing. OEM quality fit and finish are also guaranteed.

Lead-time for the parts is 3-4 weeks, and 4-6 weeks for the wheels, depending upon specification. All original parts are removed and stored in their original condition. Vitesse Audessus ships worldwide.

All packages include complimentary installation.



All parts limited to 300 examples

Center-Lock, Carbon Fibre Wheels: $25,000

Essentials Carbon Package: $15,525 ($35,525 w/wheels)

– Front Splitter: $7,500

– Mirrors + Mounts: $3,500

– Rear Diffuser: $3,750

– Side Skirts: $2,500


Extended Carbon Package: $22,275 ($42,275 w/wheels)

– Front Splitter: $7,500

– Mirrors + Mounts: $3,500

– Rear Diffuser: $3,750

– Side Skirts: $2,500

– Bonnet: $7,500


Bare Carbon Package: Price Upon Request

side front Veneno, Vitesse AuDessus vitesse_solo oem_solo veneno_solo side_plain

Classic Trader’s new guide tracks individual cars’ values

  • Interactive guide shows value trends of cars identified by chassis number
  • The essential tool for the smart investor and classic car enthusiast goes live today
  • A De Tomaso Mangusta sold in 2010 has grown in value by 500%
  • Humble Fiat 850 Spider’s price has tripled in six years


Classic Trader has just added a very useful function to its website, international visitors and users of Germany’s largest marketplace for classic vehicles now have access to Classic Trader’s brand-new interactive guide, revealing the financial performance of the top 100 individual classic cars which have recorded the biggest shifts in value over the last six years.

This has been achieved by tracking cars sold in that period of time, identified by their chassis number.

The interactive guide puts the exotic De Tomaso Mangusta in first place, with a growth of over 500% since 2010. Three British icons (Rolls Royce Phantom II, + 499%, Aston Martin DB2/4, + 469% and DB4 Vantage Volante, + 330%), two German classics (BMW M1, 449% and Mercedes 190SL Roadster, + 412%) and three Ferraris (512 BB, + 392%, 500 Superfast, + 354% and 212 Inter Europa by Vignale, + 330%) complete the top ten with French Talbot-Lago T26 GS (+ 327%).

Whilst the report highlights a somewhat predictable rise among the most sought-after models, more humble cars such as the Fiat 850 Spider and Lancia Integrale Evo 1 are proving to be equally desirable as they have doubled or even tripled in value since 2010.**

Classic Trader MD Timo Joost explains: “Our decision to add this valuable reference tool to the website was inspired by a wish to cater for what many call ‘passion investing’; it is for anybody who enjoys classic vehicles and wishes to gain an insight of the classic car market, specific popular marques and interesting trending phenomena within market movements, with a view to investment. Like many other alternative investments, the classic car market is short of affordable, reliable, accurate information and/or analysis.”

Whilst monitoring classic vehicle trends by recording auction prices achieved over a period of time is a fool-proof way to keep one’s finger on the market pulse, Classic Trader has gone a step further and has identified specific cars which have been sold within a certain timeframe, and calculated their increase (or decrease!) in value.

This method ensures that only like-for-like scenarios are compared, giving much higher confidence in the figures, instead of potentially basing assumptions on model value spikes that may be due to a particular car’s racing history or some other factor.

Crucially, the guide does not only track top marques: growth (or loss) shown is the result of public auction prices achieved by specific vehicles irrespective of the badge.

The analysis also shows average prices achieved by popular models such as the Mini, Ford Escort and Ford Capri; interestingly, although the Mini and the Capri show an increase of 32% and 24% respectively, the Escort reports a loss of 32%. Calculating averages, in fact, does not take into account other factors; for example, the rise in value of the Escort Mexico and the resulting flooding of the market with less prestigious Escort versions may have brought the average value down.

At the other end of the scale, the average* value of a Ferrari California Spider LWB has risen from € 2,058,500 in 2010 to € 6,638,170 in 2015.

Other illustrious examples (also expressed in average* value terms) are:

Ferrari 250 SWB: €3,706,108 in 2010 to €10,776,595 in 2015;

Ferrari 250 Tour de France: €2,115,600 in 2010 to €9,143,681 in 2015;

Ferrari 250 S1 Pininfarina Cabriolet: €1,396,409 in 2010 to €5,229,624 in 2015;

Porsche Carrera 2.7 RS: €186,440 in 2010 to €733,187 in 2015.

Classic Trader is in its 3rd operating year; its website boasts over 3 million monthly page views from 27 countries and the vehicles being traded on the platform reach more than 400,000 potential buyers a month. Against a truly international landscape, the site caters for enthusiasts of all classic motorised vehicles, from cars to motorcycles and even tractors, with useful information about running costs and transport options. 

*This is calculated as an average across the few models which have been sold in 2010 and 2015 because research shows that no identical model (identified by chassis number) has been sold twice in the relevant period of time.


**Data supplied by Cliff Goodall, marketing analyst and consultant to blue-chip companies in Italy.

Link to interactive guide on Classic Trader:


Links to top three cars sold:


Notes to editors:


The list has been compiled by identifying the top 100 cars sold at public auctions in Europe twice: once in 2010 and again (identical chassis number) in 2015.

In the case of averages, they have been calculated wherever no identical chassis number has been identified among the sales between 2010 and 2015.


About Classic Trader:

Classic Trader Ltd from Berlin is operating the first international online marketplace for the purchase and sale of classic cars. Classic Trader has positioned itself as the German market leader in the specialised trade platform segment within a few months. Classic Trader currently has a trading volume of more than 500 million euros. Prospective buyers can directly commission a condition report, the international transport, insurance benefits and valuation reports with Classic Trader.



Continuous expansion for TIGOSE in 2016

For immediate release

The International Guild of Specialist Engineers continues to expand in 2016


  • The Guild gains a new Commercial Partners and a new Member
  • Participation at major UK industry events, promoting Guild Members and apprenticeships


‪TIGOSE (The International Guild of Specialist Engineers) starts the year with a new Commercial Partner and a new Member, who join top specialists and businesses in the classic car and historic racing car industry, as part of the Guild.

Helix Autosport is based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, a hotbed of technological excellence in the automotive industry; a leading supplier of hand-made clutches and flywheels, famous for their reliability and performance (both on and off the race circuit) Helix Autosport prides itself on designing, machining, assembling and testing its entire product range in-house. Helix joins TIGOSE as the latest Commercial Partner.

“I feel that there is a unique match of interests and expertise between Helix Autosport and TIGOSE Members and their businesses,” says Helix Autosport Managing Director Terry Ormerod.

TIGOSE Commercial Partners are businesses whose activities, products or services, directly or indirectly, support the classic car and historic racing car industry and, by extension, TIGOSE Members.

Jersey-based Art Metal, a brand new company which has just settled into its new large premises on the island, is owned by coachbuilder and artist Neil McKenzie, whose own expertise spans over two decades. Art Metal specialises in the restoration of original hand-formed aluminium automotive bodywork, bespoke creations, replica projects and custom part fabrication. McKenzie also creates metal sculpture artwork by commission.

“We work closely on many Aston Martin-related projects, from overall metal restoration to manufacturing parts; in fact, most recently we manufactured an Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato’s fuel tank for Aston Service Dorset, from original factory drawings to exact specifications. TIGOSE is a very special and exclusive club of which any serious specialist ought to be part,” adds Neil McKenzie.

TIGOSE recently attended the Autosport Engineering Show, part of Autosport International. As its Members and Partners all contribute in the fields of historic motorsport and performance engineering, TIGOSE will next be seen at the London Classic Car Show, taking place on the last weekend of February.

Log in for information about membership benefits, a full list of Members, Commercial Partners and Preferred Partners. TIGOSE also has a Facebook Page and a LinkedIn Group.


Note to Editors:


The International Guild of Specialist Engineers, founded by Michael Scott, is in its third full operating year and has over seventy Members among the top restorers in Europe. Guild Members, as well as Commercial and Preferred Partners, are mutually supportive and enjoy a range of services and benefits; The Guild has British designers Tony Southgate and Peter Stevens as its President and vice-President, respectively.


New TIGOSE Commercial Partner and Members:



Helix Autosport:

Terry Ormerod


Unit 1G

Vantage Business Park

Bloxham Road



OX16 9UX


Tel: +44 (0) 1295 701076


Art Metal:

Neil McKenzie,




Unit 9 Springside

La Rue de la Monnaie




Channel Islands


Tel: +44 (0) 7797 851836



Tuning Japanese: TDI-Tuning first to tune Mazda 2



Tuning Japanese: TDI-Tuning first to tune Mazda 2


TDI-Tuning, the European engine-tuning experts, at the forefront again by bringing a tuning box solution to Japan for the new Mazda 2


British TDI-Tuning applies its engineering know-how and ability to Japan, by being the first to offer tuning options on the latest Mazda model, the Mazda 2.

TDI-Tuning, already popular among the Japanese tuning community, has become the manufacturer of choice even in that highly sophisticated market. TDI-Tuning supplies and supports tuning equipment to its own main dealer, M-Flow (based in Osaka), in addition to an impressive network of sub-dealers.

The new Mazda 2 1.5 Skyactiv-D, which is the Japanese manufacturer’s latest city car, proved a worthy challenge for the engineers at the British tuning company: small diesel cars are already very economical and compete in a segment which is dominated by petrol engines.

TDI-Tuning developed a solution using one of their twin channel tuning boxes for the new 1.5 diesel engine, giving it some extra ‘pep’ whilst retaining its excellent fuel economy and emissions.

TDI-Tuning increased the engine’s power from 103 to 137 BHP; torque is increased by 250 to 315 NM, resulting in a credible change in its driving behavior. The added torque makes for easier movement in traffic, safer filtering and altogether less stress.

M-Flow in Japan reports a 500% increase in sales 2014-2015 and TDI-Tuning closed 2015 with a healthy 20% YoY growth.

Key points:

  • TDI-Tuning box’s simple installation typically takes less than 15 minutes and requires no specialist skills
  • TDI-Tuning boxes start at just under £250
  • TDI-Tuning Boxes are fully compatible with Diesel Particulate Filters and emission reduction systems
  • Their CRTD2 tuning box can be sent back and re-programmed for almost any common rail TDI engine (for less than a third of the original purchase price)
  • TDi-Tuning has a dedicated in-house team of programmers and tuning experts
  • The water-resistant TDI-Tuning Box leaves no trace when removed
  • All TDI-Tuning Boxes come with a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Every Tuning Box is backed up by dedicated technical support      

2016 02 28 Mazda 1e 2016 02 28 Mazda 1d 2016 02 28 Mazda 1c 2016 02 28 Mazda 1b 2016 02 28 Mazda 1a



For immediate release

18 February 2016

International classic Ferrari specialist GTO Engineering at the London Classic Car Show

  • World’s leading specialist in classic Ferrari participates in the show on Quaife stand
  • GTO Engineering brings a 250 SWB Competition Berlinetta along with a selection of luxury items from the GTO London collection


GTO Engineering has chosen to bring the iconic 250 SWB Competition Berlinetta to showcase its skills as one of the most internationally renowned classic Ferrari specialists, at the London Classic Car Show, Excel, 18-21 February.

Partnering with Quaife, a global leader in high performance automotive drivetrain solutions, GTO Engineering’s 250 SWB will take pride of place on Quaife’s stand at the show, sporting a Quaife 4-speed gearbox.

“GTO Engineering and Quaife have enjoyed a mutually beneficial business relationship for years,” says GTO Engineering MD Mark Lyon. “It makes perfect sense to bring the Competition Berlinetta to the show as one of the best examples of our highly-specialised work at the top-end of the classic car industry.”

An impressive record shows the firm’s competence when it comes to 250 SWBs: only 165 SWBs were originally built, and GTO Engineering has worked on more than a third of them.

Elsewhere on the stand, a selection of GTO London’s luxury accessories engineered from original Ferrari parts or inspired by the celebrated Italian marque will be on display: from key fobs, cufflinks, pins and money clips to leather hip flasks, cigar cases and leather wallets, each hand-made item is created by GTO London, the designer arm of GTO Engineering.

GTO Engineering and GTO London can be found on the Quaife stand (G40), on the North side of the Grand Avenue, at the London Classic Car Show; now in its second year, the Capital’s only event of its kind gathers the best names in the classic car world, for the delight of car collectors, owners and enthusiasts. More than 25,000 visitors attended the 2015 show and this year’s event, with more hall space, exhibitors, clubs and marques participating, promises to be an appointment not to miss.


250 swb (13) 250 swb (17) 250 swb (15) 250 swb (14) 250 swb (12) 250 swb (11) 250 swb (10) 250 swb (9) 250 swb (8) 250 swb (7) 250 swb (17)GTO Mens collection GTO Mens collection denaro fermaglio Gallettone RFM Pin GTO _Black shiny wallet GTO _Black wallet on hub GTO London GTO Mens collection GTO Mens collection GTO London GTO Mens collection GTO Mens collection IMG_7871 Edited 2 Silver - Copy jewellery 3 Leather Double Page2 GTO Mens collection GTO Mens collection

TIGOSE and Cranfield University: historic racing

For immediate release

22 October 2015


The International Guild of Specialist Engineers Member, Clive Temple, MSc Programme Director at Cranfield University, encouraged his new cohort of Advanced Motorsport Engineering MSc students to divert their attention away from modern motorsport and focus on its historic aspect.

In line with TIGOSE’s aim to celebrate all activities relating to classic motorised vehicles, and encourage young people to nurture an interest in historic motorsport, Clive was competing in his 1929 Riley Brooklands at Silverstone, with his students assisting on the day; they also took the opportunity to look closely at the wide range of cars racing at the AMOC meeting.

“Many of the Cranfield Masters students see their career paths leading to F1, WEC, WRC and other series, but I am keen that they shouldn’t forget the roots of a sport to which we have dedicated our lives,” said Temple.

TIGOSE launched the first Classic Vehicle Restoration Apprenticeship in the UK last year; together with training partner Emtec Colleges, The Guild provides a tailored and structured frame of learning to young people who wish to work in the classic car restoration industry.

Log in for a full list of Members, Commercial Partners and Preferred Partners. TIGOSE also has a Facebook Page and a LinkedIn Group.

Photo credit: Eleonora (Nora) Rhijnsburger, Advanced Motorsport Engineering MSc student.

Press release on Newspress site

More Commercial Partners for The International Guild of Specialist Engineers

Guild-logoThe Guild has doubled in size in the last two years

Four new Commercial Partners and two new Members have joined in the last three months

Cutting edge technology meets history and heritage

‪Four new Commercial Partners and two new Members have joined TIGOSE (The International Guild of Specialist Engineers), the only association which exclusively supports and promotes classic motorised vehicle specialists, restorers, parts manufacturers and service providers both in the UK and abroad.


With new Commercial Partners Enviro-Strip (UK) Ltd, Performance Projects, System Store Solutions and Classic Management, TIGOSE has almost doubled the number of field leaders which, whilst not restoring vehicles directly, offer services and products to support the activities of top classic car specialists and parts manufacturers. Majestic Motors and Motor Sport Transmissions join the association as Members.


Enviro-Strip (UK) Ltd is a company which specialises in environmentally-sensitive paint decontamination, stillage manufacturer, repair and refurbishment. It works with the vast majority of the UK’s car manufacturers, as well as SMEs and private car owners. Operations Director Vaughan Bridgewater said “we are thrilled to be joining TIGOSE at such an exciting time in the history of our company, as our services are an integral part of any major restoration project.”


System Store Solutions, which designs, manufactures and installs ergonomic storage environments for workshops, is “the perfect match for TIGOSE Members’ specific care and maintenance of their tools and equipment,” says Managing Director David Price. “Specialists who aim for the best results also need the best environment in which to work.”


Performance Projects creates engineering design solutions for motorsport and niche vehicle programmes. “We undertake design work for all types of historic vehicles, with cutting edge technology like 3D printing and 3D 5-axis CNC machining,” says Technical Director Terence Goad. “It’s the sort of speciality which underpins restorers’ work, and rarely an in-house facility.”


Classic Management, owned by Simon Lines, provides classic car owners with a bespoke service to absorb hassle and minimise distraction, by liaising with specialists and restorers directly about specific projects. “We become the main point of reference, putting our experience and knowledge to the owner’s disposal. Joining TIGOSE as Commercial Partners means that we are constantly in touch with some of the top operators in the classic car industry.”


New Members, Majestic Motors and Motorsport Transmissions, are also now part of TIGOSE: Majestic Motors, renowned for their engineering background, specialises in preservation and restoration of classic cars and bikes, as well as race preparation and manufacturing of components. Motorsport Transmissions has recently been appointed an official agent by ZF Services UK for the service and rebuild of classic car transmissions.


TIGOSE celebrates its third birthday with an impressive range of Members, Commercial and Preferred Partners, whose total number has doubled in the last two years; the Guild’s bespoke Apprenticeship Programme, the first of its kind in the UK, has been developed specifically to train technician apprentices from any area across the UK, and is tailored to TIGOSE Members and Partners’ needs.


“When I launched TIGOSE, only three years ago, I had a vision: that of an association whose only purpose would be to support the finest classic vehicle specialists in their endeavours,” says TIGOSE Founder Michael Scott. “Whether by creating networking opportunities, circulating market news and trend information, or giving the opportunity to reach diverse audiences from young apprentices to the international media, TIGOSE is there to help, and I am encouraged to see the association grow steadily over time.”


Log in for a full list of Members, Commercial Partners and Preferred Partners. TIGOSE also has a Facebook Page and a LinkedIn Group.

A Fuel Protect winner for Porsche Club Championship





  • Insurance package Fuel Protect sponsors cars and hospitality for Porsche Championship
  • Fuel Protect driver Jonathan Evans takes Race Two and Class Winner
  • Televised internationally on Motors TV

Round Seven and Eight of the Fuel Protect Porsche Club Championship with Pirelli celebrated the 200th Porsche Club Championship race at Brands Hatch. Jonathan Evans had his own celebration after race two, with an exciting win in the Fuel Protect-livered Boxster. He also got second place in race one and fastest lap in race two.

As in previous rounds, Fuel Protect-branded Porsche 996 C2s, Boxster and Cayman Ss were fielded on the full Brands Hatch GP circuit.

Insurance package Fuel Protect, whose logo adorns the racing Porsches throughout the Championship, provides cover against the risk of mis-fuelling incidents, for just under £20 a year: its involvement with the race series is the result of long-standing support of race-prepared Porsches and Porsche track days by Auto Fuel Fix, the UK’s largest independent roadside specialist recovery services, which attends, among others, the mis-fuelling incidents covered by Fuel Protect insurance.

“It was a great day out for us and our guests,” said Auto Fuel Fix MD Bruce Compton, who presided over hospitality on behalf of both Auto Fuel Fix and Fuel Protect. “Our own Jonathan Evans provided much of the thrill, as he came from near the back of the grid to win race two.”

Championship leader Pete Morris’s Strasse 996 C2 took pole in the qualifying session; Steve Cheetham was in the lead for much of it but eventually gave in to Tim Speed and his 968 CS.

Race One

Duckman went into Paddock Hill Bend side-by-side with Morris, and led the field into Druids corner; Morris, in turn, pulled clear of the fight for third which saw Wilkins under pressure from McAleer.

Duckman and Morris traded fastest laps at the front, but despite his best efforts, the latter had to settle for second.

Wilkins was a safe third, McAleer slowing a lap before the end with his gearbox stuck into first gear. Behind, Winter was a solitary fourth as Harrison just headed Johnson over the line to take fifth.

Early on in Class Two Cheetham had Speed and Evans right with him, but he eased away in the first laps, only for Speed to close back in by lap seven. Just as it looked like a lead battle was on the cards, Cheetham managed to create a gap, and was comfortably clear when he took the deserved win.

Race Two

Wilkins and Morris were on the front row for race two and both got good starts, Wilkins holding Morris on the outside through Paddock Hill Bend to take the lead.

A brave move round the outside at Hawthorns corner on the Grand Prix loop saw Duckman pass Johnson and start to close in on Morris. With him by lap seven, and the pair just a second behind Wilkins, a move into Druids a lap later saw Duckman’s Boxster into second.

The top three were nose-to-tail in the final laps; Wilkins had enough advantage and led Duckman and Morris across the line. Johnson was fourth ahead of Harrison and Dyer.

Speed was the early Class Two leader, initially with Jake McAleer and Cheetham in pursuit but, by half distance, it was Evans who worked his way through to second, and eased into the lead with two laps to go to take the class win.

“That was a great battle with Tim Speed,” said Evans; “he pushes that 968 to unbelievable limits and I was just trying to stay right with him, managed to get past him and open a gap at the end.”

During Fuel Protect Porsche Club Championship at Silverstone, in June, Evans got two wins and was also Driver of The Race.