It’s not just about the image: develop your business with AV PR


There is a thin line between activities which promote a client’s image, facilitating a better mutual understanding between the client’s business and its many publics, and business development.

AV PR is committed to stimulating growth, and companies which approach AV PR for advice about how best to promote their products and services, rarely get simply PR; Promotion (with a capital ‘P’) is not about issuing a couple of press releases, and attending media events. It is a way of working and managing one’s business by making sure that the right audiences receive the right message.

A byproduct of any comprehensive PR and marketing campaign is business development: at AV PR, however, it is also a separate function, headed by principal Simon Lines. Professional business development activities expand companies’ reach to include markets, customers or just opinion leaders; they also secure extra custom by creating opportunities to fulfil demand.

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