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AV PR strives to amalgamate PR activity with an overall strategy of brand promotion and development. Our consultancy also provides services for advertising campaigns with print-ready creative artwork, literature (from posters to leaflets) and centralised media buying – which gives  companies access to better deals as bulk space-buying discounts are passed on to our clients.

AV PR’s marketing, business development and PR activities include (but are not limited to) classic and modern cars, supercars, motorcycles, accessories, products and services, tuning houses, motorsport and driving events, historic brands, clothing, luxury goods, ‘objets d’art’ and even food and energy supplements.

Examples of overall brand development campaigns


AV PR was given the task of making both classic car enthusiasts and automotive/lifestyle media aware of the existence of a very ‘special’ car, with a unique history and background: the Lancia Astura Steady Special owned by International Guild of Specialist Engineers Founder Michael Scott is a blend of Italian and British history, enhanced and preserved by the work of specialist restorers Thornley Kelham and Ant Antstead (of “For The Love Of Cars” fame). Our brief was to narrate a story which started with an Italian limousine-bodied car, continued through the years and famous ownership, the strong bond of two men’s friendship, and a desire to turn into reality sketches drawn back in 1955. The campaign started with the car’s unveiling at the Autosport International 2014, and reaches its peak when the car is finally shown, complete, at Race Retro 2015 on the Motor Sport stand. Through the car, all brands, men and businesses involved share in the limelight, and tell their own vision.

At Villa d'Este with media!FIENNES RESTORATION

AV PR’s work with Fiennes Restoration used the firm’s unique Rolls-Royce 20/25, winner of prestigious awards in the UK and at Pebble Beach, as the halo product to demonstrate the specialist’s sophisticated approach to restoration techniques, with world-class results.

evo magazine march 2011 lowJENSEN INTERNATIONAL AUTOMOTIVE

Jensen International Automotive’s modern interpretation of the Jensen Interceptor was promoted by AV PR to prove, in both the UK market and abroad, that the Seventies’ icon still has a valuable place in classic car enthusiasts’ collections. AV PR’s campaign has been instrumental in improving the public’s perception of both the marque and the model: Jensen Interceptor sales have increased in number and in value since our PR strategy has been in place. The modernised Interceptor’s international coverage has attracted the interest of collectors and car fans who would not have considered a classic car before.

sunday times coverage May 2012


The Tushek Renovatio T500 was hailed as the “Best Car You’ve Never Heard Of” in the six-page long feature published by Autocar after the magazine visited Slovenia-based car manufacturer Tushek. Start-up companies may, sometimes, require a leap of faith both from a PR point of view and from a publication’s general stance and philosophy. AV PR has a predilection for new businesses, relishing the unique challenges which come with promoting start-up companies, and in Tushek’s case the PR strategy has been about making the most out of specific, high-profile episodes in the life of a young super sportscar manufacturer, as well as inviting hard-to-please and respected magazines to try the new model on the racetrack.


Of course the famous Hurlingham Club in London does not need introductions or an image boost; however, new shows always benefit from a strong PR push to carve their place in the rarefied firmament of exclusive events with luxury goods and rare car content. AV PR ensured that brand new Salute to Style 2014 at the Hurlingham Club caught the media’s attention, benefiting both the sponsors’ presence and the Club’s role as one of the most desirable venues in Central London.

Examples of national press creative artwork

From Suixtil to Cropredy Bridge and The International Guild of Specialist Engineers, advertising artwork delivered in print-ready form interprets the client’s brief.