harri-logo3International Supermodel Harriadnie Beau is the official ‘face’ of many a glamorous association, business and publication, from ‘Sugar Hut’ (Top Night Club) to UK Tights, HMH Couture (Designer to Cheryl Cole), Pia Michi (Top London Fashion House) and ‘Face On’ magazine.

A high-profile public image requires careful and sensitive management: AV PR has created opportunities and ‘matched’ Harriadnie’s many faces and talents to high profile, lifestyle luxury goods and publications, with a specific bias towards super sportscars and rare classic models.

Recent campaigns have seen Harriadnie featured promoting Bavarez’s latest hot-rod Jensen FF, and a rare classic Porsche 911 RS for a forthcoming TV series, Brit Chicks. AV PR was also instrumental in Harriadnie being appointed a Couture and Fashion judge at the 2012 Salon Privé.