Fuzz brand AA brand ambassador is someone whose public image commands respect and admiration, and whose opinion, therefore, matters.

Fuzz’s activities are always in the public eye: anything he does, says, writes or works with will attract interest. Decades of achievements, ideas turned into reality, talent and skills, earn an enthusiastic following which supports further activities and projects. Brand ambassadors feed their own popularity back into the industry, create waves and make a difference.

AV PR harnesses that power and matches brand ambassadors to appropriate companies, businesses, campaigns and new ideas: all are opportunities for a spokesperson who is, at the same time, ‘in’ the industry and an outsider, and whose opinion corroborates, endorses and authenticates others’ efforts.

When Fuzz presents a programme which is seen by half a million regular viewers in the UK and several million people across over 100 countries, the tools he uses, the procedures he follows, the opinions he expresses, matter; unlike other ephemeral celebrities, this is fame built on steady grounds, results and a passionate approach to important issues.