With a history spanning over 100 years, Dutch brand Vredestein has made its mark in two and four-wheel vehicle, agricultural and industrial applications; since 2009, it has been part of India-based Apollo Tyres and changed its name to Apollo Vredestein.

The company develops high-end, technological products for a global market, with more than 300 engineers working in its two R&D centres, Enschede (Netherlands) and Chennai (India). The latter focuses its activities on the development of truck, construction and agricultural applications; the former concentrates on passenger car tyres and adaptive spoiler systems.

In its pursuit of design excellence, Apollo Vredestein has also developed a long-term relationship with Italian automotive designer Giugiaro, and is keen to share its vision with design-conscious, forward-thinking companies and end-users. Over six million summer, winter and all-season tyres are manufactured in the Netherlands every year. Export activities are global and specifically strong in Europe as well as the Asian and Middle East markets.