Angel Tuning   


angel tuningOxford-based tuning house Angel Tuning has long-established engine tuning and DPF removal services.

With its founding members trading since the mid ‘80s, Angel Tuning is one of the oldest tuning houses in the UK. AV PR’s brief was to educate the general public of the benefits of engine remapping, the improved performance and reduction in consumption.

In particular, a big part of the campaign was dedicated to raise awareness of DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) issues on modern cars as Angel Tuning supported the school of thought according to which that cars equipped with DPFs and used for short trips in areas heavy with traffic, will ineluctably face a problem when the unit fails.

DPF removal services increased by 600% in 2012 alone, proving that the public is becoming more aware of the potential problems associated with DPFs and increasingly turn to independent experts for a solution.

AV PR also managed Angel Tuning’s Twitter account, FB company profile, content-managed the official website and wrote the monthly newsletters on behalf of the company.