allard logoThe Allard Motor Company ceased manufacturing vehicles in 1958 but its motorsport activities (rallying, racing and drag-racing) continued; Sydney Allard’s son, Alan, took over in 1963 and business, selling components and accessories, is still on-going.

Lloyd Allard, Alan’s son, took over from his father in 2008 and a new Allard Sports Cars Company was founded in 2012.

The team retains key people from the original Allard company and the business has always stayed wholly under the Allard family. The latest project, the Allard Palm Beach MkII, was unveiled at the NEC Classic Motor Show 2013 after undergoing complete restoration by the same family which launched the model in the first place. The complete car was shown at the NEC Classic Motor Show 2014, more than 50 years after its original launch.

AV PR’s activities contributed to keep the Allard name front-of-mind among all the classic car enthusiasts, and create awareness of the freshly restored PB MkII, which was eventually sold by auction house H&H in 2015. Allard is the last remaining British company to trade under the same name and run by the same family, with no other investors or external parties.