AV PR is an international PR consultancy


Super sportscar manufacturers (Lamborghini, Bugatti, Tushek Sportscars, Exagon Motors)

Tuning houses (TDI Tuning, Autodelta, Angel Tuning)

Automotive-related services (Khan Thornton, bespoke Motor Trade financial advisory services)

Media, driving and motoring events (‘Salute to Style’ 2014 at The Hurlingham Club, ‘Grand Chelsea Rendezvous’ 2013, Silverstone Classic 2009)

Specialist engineers and manufacturers – classic and historic car businesses (The International Guild of Specialist Engineers)

Mass-market production cars (Fiat)

Luxury ‘objets d’art’ and events (Tonino Lamborghini, 96 Club, Super Yacht Design Studio Claydon Reeves, Chaumet)

TV personalities and celebrities (TV presenter Fuzz Townshend, Model Harriadnie Beau)

Quirky but effective and ‘fun’ commercial vehicles (PIAGGIO APE, Mach-V)

Classics with a modern twist (Allard Sports Cars, Jensen International Automotive, Bavarez)

Specialist restorers: Jensen (Jensen Motors Ltd, Cropredy Bridge), pre-war Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars (Fiennes Restoration), metalwork and creative designs (Vintage Works, Ireland and UK), Italian classic sportscars and racers (Thornley Kelham)

Ancillary motoring: (RAC HazardLight)

Motorsport brands: (Suixtil)

Creative editing services; translation and cultural alignment for specialist prose: (Professor Toni Muzi-Falconi’s “Biased Memoirs of a Public Relator“)