So you need an Ultra High Performance all-season SUV tyre? That’ll be a Vredestein!


  • GfK’s “panelmarket” identifies SUV tyres and all-season tyres as top two growing sub-segments in 2019
  • SUVs and 4×4 tyre sales: 10% up in demand
  • All-season tyre sales: 19% up in value and 13% up in volume (now selling four times as much as winter tyres sold at their peak)
  • High performance tyres and bigger size tyres (17” and over) still growing


27 January 2020, Kettering – European premium tyre manufacturer Apollo Vredestein continues to fulfill the UK tyre replacement market growth trends in 2019 (as identified by analysts at GfK*), with its award-winning range of SUV tyres and all-season tyres.

Moreover, the recent development and expansion of Vredestein range of all-season tyres for wheel diameters of 17” and above, frequently fitted on SUVs, has allowed the manufacturer to offer the largest choice (by far) available on the UK market for the two trends combined.

“We already knew that the all-season tyre sector keeps growing, of course,” says Vredestein UK Country Manager Karl Naylor, “and take every chance to remind our customers that the rapid increase in demand is perfectly met by our premium product range, whether a popular size or more ‘niche’ requirements are sought. We have also made every effort to improve stock and distribution by making strategic supplier appointments in recent years.”

Last year’s GfK report (2017 vs 2018) showed that SUV tyre sales were mostly responsible for the fast growth of all-season tyre demand. Vredestein’s product mix has, traditionally, always been very attuned to the demands in that segment, and the manufacturer has offered all-season tyres in SUV sizes long before most of its rivals.

*Source: GfK Point of Sales Tracking, 2018 vs 2019



  • World’s leading Jaguar E-Type specialist marks 35th birthday
  • Epitome of the company’s ethos, the Eagle E-Type is 25 years
  • First Eagle Special Edition, the Eagle Speedster, is now 10 years old
  • Celebrations took place with Eagle E-Types’ owners at Goodwood


Sussex, 9 July – The top Jaguar E-Type specialist Eagle celebrates three important milestones in its history: this year, the company whose own heritage has developed alongside that of arguably the most famous British sportscar of all time, the Jaguar E-Type, is 35 years old; the model for which Eagle is most famous, the Eagle E-Type, is a quarter of a century; and the Eagle Speedster, first of the Special Editions, has been crafted for a decade.


With perfection as the ultimate goal for every single E-Type rebuild commission that the British company has undertaken, Eagle was born in 1984 to redefine the concept of restoration but also, in time, created its own legend by developing bespoke E-Types. The Eagle E-Type is infused with Eagle’s unique obsession for detail, cleverly weaving modern upgrades into the fabric of original E-Types, each built to blend perfectly with its individual owner’s vision.


In the process of restoring, rebuilding and reliving the E-Type dream, in fittingly British rural surroundings and combining tradition with sophisticated technology, the company has also gained and nurtured passionate and knowledgeable clients, whose aspirations are equal to their expectations.


This symbiotic relationship pushed Eagle’s E-Types into further raising the bar: “we received a request for something even more exclusive, an individual design and engineering feat still paying homage to the original legend, resulting in the first of the Eagle E-Type Special Editions, the Eagle Speedster (n.1),” says Technical Director Paul Brace. In the words of Jeremy Clarkson (BBC Top Gear), “the most beautiful car I have ever seen” was born. The Speedster is another important milestone in the history of Eagle and celebrates its tenth birthday this year.


Predictably, Goodwood was chosen for the triple celebration. Owners of commissioned Eagle E-types from all over the globe and other special guests were invited to a three-day feat of sunshine and a triumph of Eagle display, from Eagle E-Types to Speedsters, Low Drag GTs and the latest variation, the Eagle Spyder GT.


“It had to be Goodwood,” muses Eagle founder and E-Type rally-winner Henry Pearman; “There isn’t another venue to compete with a place which is so steeped in racing and automotive tradition. We very much feel we belong to the heritage of Jaguar and its E-Type, as we carefully handle precious pieces of the marque’s history and bring them back to life. Our customers are part of the same Eagle family, and enjoy a special connection, which was most evident at the anniversary celebrations. Thirty-five years of exclusive achievements were honoured with those who share our commitment and passion.”


“The E-Type” publication catches the spirit of the celebrations perfectly: Eagle have taken the E-type narrative to another level and kept that great story alive, adding another few chapters.

With an inspired combination of fine engineering and stunning design, they have evolved and expanded the E-type range for the modern age. Cleverly, they have shown respect for the originals …. but pushed the boundaries while avoiding conflicting with the heritage. 

One instinctively feels Bill Heynes, Bob Knight and Malcolm Sayer would have been thrilled to know their creations were being treated with such loving respect and evolved with sensitivity, integrity and style.”




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About Eagle
Eagle has dedicated all its attention to the Jaguar E-Type, restoring and further developing the very best samples of this true 1960s’ icon, since the company’s inception in 1984.
Each car is rebuilt on-site, in-house and to the owner’s wishes, a bespoke masterpiece nurtured by a team of twenty craftsmen blending the best of tradition and technology.
Eagle’s range of upgrades is extensive, adding to the original, beautiful Jaguar E-Type model modern and desirable features, to offer owners complete confidence in the safety, reliability, longevity and exclusivity of their purchase.
The relentless development has extended to a range of ultra-special E-Type model variations, including the Speedster, Spyder GT and Low Drag GT; Eagle E-Types are now firmly established as the finest Jaguar E-Types in the world.