Fuzz Townshend judges MotoFest’s Young Innovators competition

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17 December 2014

TV star Fuzz Townshend judges MotoFest’s Young Innovators competition

  • Brand ambassador and ‘Influencer’ Fuzz Townshend on panel to choose winner
  • Coventry MotoFest launched competition for school children last month
  • Young Innovators to design Pace Car for May 2015 event

TV presenter and journalist Fuzz Townshend is on the judging panel at Coventry MotoFest’s headquarters tonight, to choose the winner of the “Young Innovators” competition launched by MotoFest.

Coventry-based secondary schools were invited to submit their entries for ‘Best Design’ of the Pace Car built for next year’s event (29/31 May).

A vociferous and passionate spokesperson supporting all initiatives stimulating creativity and growth in the car industry, Fuzz was invited by MotoFest organisers to help decide which entry will be converted into CAD (by Coventry University) before Jaguar Special Vehicle Operations turn it into reality.

“I did my apprenticeship at the local bus company, and believe that it is our job to encourage future generations to keep the automotive industry alive and fresh with ideas,” says Fuzz, who has recently launched The International Guild of Specialist Engineers’ Apprenticeship Programme at automotive training provider Emtec Colleges. “I am delighted to have been asked to be on the judging panel for an initiative which involves young children’s creativity and turns it into styling, engineering and manufacturing processes.”

MotoFest organiser Ralph Hosier echoes the feeling: “Our competition calls for budding engineers and designers to have an active role in next year’s event planning. We asked Fuzz to help us as a recognised opinion leader in the industry, and for his active campaigning to attract new talent and skills to the motor industry.”

The overall winner, two runners-up and a prize for “Most Inventive” will be announced by the weekend.